Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website?

Chiefmall is the largest search engine to find a contractor near you. It is especially focused on home improvement and the construction business.

Each contractor is given its own website with picture portfolios, reviews (coming soon) and more. See some companies that contractors have created here or here. Users can easily post jobs to the contractors they have looked up.

What's your mission?

Our mission is simple. It boils down to one sentence:

All Contractors, localized on the Web!

  • We want all contractors regardless of states or countries.
  • Localized because we want to provide the contractor's services close to where the user needs them.
  • on the Web by providing picture portfolio, job postings, user reviews (coming soon) and plenty more that we have yet to discover.

Chiefmall already features all active licensed contractors in California and in 8 other states.

Who are you?

We are 2 friends that wanted to create a great product to help users and contractors get in touch and get jobs done. More information on the about page.

I am a contractor, how do I claim my website?

We currently feature all active licensed contractors from the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, IA, LA, MS, NM, TN.

Simply search for your company name. Then click on update your listing and follow the steps. If you can't find yourself then just feel free to join.

I am a contractor but I don't have a license, can I join?

Sure you can.

I do have a license, how do I get it verified on your site?

Once logged into your account, click on get verified and follow the steps.

How does job posting work?

It's more convenient to post a job than to have to call many of the contractors returned by the search engine. Just click on post a job and fill up the fields. Contractors that match the geographical location and expertise needed for your job will then get back to you thru email.

No one has contacted me yet with respect to my job?

As we are launching there may not be many registered contractors. Be patient someone may eventually contact you.

Your search engine returned no results in my area?

If you are a contractor, this is a great opportunity for you to be the first for these keywords and location on our search engine. Join in to cover this area and have people contact you.

If you are a user we currently cover all active licensed contractors from the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, IA, LA, MS, NM, TN. Give it sometime as we are just launching.

What does the star icon mean?

Contractors that have their license verified by our team are featured by a star icon on their logo and profile.

How can I increase my ranking in your search engine?

Your ranking is a combination of parameters which reflect how relevant your business is to the user and your activity on the site. The activity on the site is measured by the number of pictures you have uploaded, number of reviews you got (coming soon) and if you have subscribed for the "Get Jobs" option.

How can I be featured on the frontpage?

You have joined Chiefmall but you don't see your company appear on the frontpage. In order to be featured on the frontpage simply upload a logo and a couple of pictures of your work.

How can I get in touch with you or send feedback?

Just contact us, we love to receive feedback on our hard work.

I see I can click on a phone number, what does it do exactly?

You can conveniently use any VoIP software (skype and the like) to make the call. There is a lot of VoIP software and many of them feature free US to US phone calls.

Did you do all the graphics here?

We made extensive use of FAMFAMFAM free silk icons. Thank you Mark.